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29th December 2004

_ilove_ewan7:32pm: moderator/have it
hey this is the mod of this...lovely? community. im giving up, take it, i dont want it. if you wanna be the new mod and make something of it let me know.

(and the four people that actually applied..you're automatcially in..YAY)

so if you want it, lemme know

28th December 2004

**The Application:**

About you

Describe yourself in 5 words:crazy,friendly,energetic,social,fun!!
What are your goals for life?:to become reele good at playing my electric guitar and better at skateboarding
Would you say you're ambitious?:hell yea!
Do you act on impulse?:u kno it
Do you follow logic or emotion?:a lil of both
Are you an abstract thinker?:i can be
Are you moody?:not reele
Do you enjoy a good adrenaline rush?:i live for adrenaline!
Are you more of a believer or a skeptic?:believer all the way
Do you like taking risks?:all the time!!
Are you competitive?:nope
Do you push your physical limits?: i certaintly try to
What's more important to you: physical or verbal affection?:they r both reele nice
Is it your way or the highway?:nope, but i certainly wont be takin the highway lol j/k
When you start something do you often times finish it?:most of the time but i do get sidetracked now and then

Are you sensitive?:no, not most of the times anyways

Are you organized?:i wish!

Do you consider yourself to be understanding?:yup yup yup

Do you consider yourself to be open minded?:yea with most things

Do you like to take charge in situations?:only if no one else wants to

Are you optimistic or pessimistic?:optimistic for the most part but i can be a pessimist at times

Feet on the ground or head in the sky?cant i have both???
Cautious or bold?:bold

Intense or laid back?:laid back

Open book or closed book?:closed unlesss i kno ya reele reele well

Independent or dependent?:indepedent

Realist or idealist?:umm not reele sure probly realist

Would you say your materialistic?:gawd i cant beleive u!of course not!

Do you know what materialistic means?not the slightest idea sry =D

Do people come to you for comfort?:yea, well my friends do and im guessing thats wat u mean

How do you express yourself?:umm? not sure?

Do you think you communicate well with others?:yea for the most part

How do you react when things don't go your way?:it doesnt reele bother me

Do you enjoy helping others?:sure!


When you have an opinion do you stick to it no matter what?:nope i listen to other valid opinions and if theres are better im willin to change

George Bush?:no,sry all ya republicins, but he just seems kinda dum im notta big fan of kerry eithr tho

Abortion?:i think it shud be an option
Voting?:wat about it? it shud stay!(i dont kno if i get that question)
Pictures: At least 2, no more than 5. (if you don’t have them its fine)sry i dont gotts any =(
Current Mood: delightful!

20th December 2004

i3ad_i3lood5:45pm: Stamped
My ApplicationCollapse )
Current Mood: predatory

14th December 2004

tessi_x17:27pm: App.
AppCollapse )
Current Mood: geeky

11th December 2004

poonwangatang1:01pm: Application
My AppCollapse )
Current Mood: accomplished

3rd November 2004

_ilove_ewan3:06pm: MOD || Update
I am sorry to say, and very disappointed to say that only two members of this community replied to my post asking people to reply to proove that they are still active. The following users of Live Journal are still members of this community:


The following users of Live Journal are your MODs:


Now, I ask the following users of Live Journal to please reapply to the community xpink_sharpies to allow its current members to vote on their applications, or to leave the community at once.


I ask all of you listed above that if you are not planning on reapplying to the community, then please leave by Friday. If you haven't left by then, or reapplied by then I'll have to remove you myself. Thank you for your time.

-Ashley, _ilove_ewan
Current Mood: disappointed

2nd November 2004

daniqueen5:08pm: Danika here!
Hey! this is seximxgurl telling you that I will be using the name daniqueen from now on.

30th October 2004

emo_cunt12:30pm: new

what color am iCollapse )

_ilove_ewan11:23am: MOD // Check Up Time
This entry has been posted to check and see if current members are still active. In order to proove you are still active you must reply to this entry by tuesday and put active as the subject line. also, with the reply comment you must promote the community to atleast one journal, or community and provide the link in the comment.

members failing to do this by tuesday will be removed on tuesday after 8:30.

Ashley _ilove_ewan
Current Mood: dorky
_ilove_ewan10:25am: join!
pe0ple_wh0_r0ckCollapse )

28th October 2004

seximxgurl8:49pm: blue is funCollapse )

27th October 2004

_ilove_ewan7:44pm: stamped.
sorry i haven't been active lately because i didn't have internet for like a week. SORRY AGAIN.

23rd October 2004

br0k3n_dr3am56:44pm: Um...
I have a new LJ now....

I used to be KuroiHoshi666.....

So....Do i still get to keep my color ;-;

20th October 2004

infatuated_hate4:10pm: Computer's been down. Still is. That's why I haven't been around. I'm at John's right now..so that's how I'm on here. I'll be back when my internet's back up.

17th October 2004

_ilove_ewan9:14pm: join!!


15th October 2004

ApplicationCollapse )
cynthee9:03pm: APPLiCATiON<3
ThisCollapse )
Current Mood: curious

8th October 2004

_ilove_ewan7:06pm: MOD || *sigh* this isn't good you guys.
okay..errmm..how do i say this with out being rude?
i hope i do a good job.

seriously people..this is a C O M M U N I T Y in the rules and profile it mentions that there are color themes n blah blah and this place has gone to hell and back and is getting ready to refuel and head back to hell..PLEASE PARTICIPATE!! this is bullshit...c'mon..plz i dont want this community to suck. b/c we have awesome people, so we need to MAKE IT AWESOME

-MOD, Ashley
Current Mood: crushed

7th October 2004

voyeurizm11:20pm: *sniffles*

hey everyone-

well, i've been semi keeping up. i've said before i wasn't going to be able to post as much due to moving out, and working *sigh*...i know participation is a 'big part' of the community. i easily see where i won't be able to follow through...SO...i guess this is farewell. t'was fun. and being thefirst mixed sharpie. woOt.

btw, to the MODS....it's been awhile since my last post...and i really like the layout<3 awesome job !!

28th September 2004

infatuated_hate4:26pm: Blue-ness
Sorry I haven't been around. I haven't done much on LJ lately..
Blue-nessCollapse )
Current Mood: bored

27th September 2004

_ilove_ewan9:37pm: || MOD // ????





*sigh* for those of you who dont know..this weeks color them is blue now participate or be warned, if you dont particpate after warning..bye its been nice having you.

Current Mood: aggravated

25th September 2004

_ilove_ewan11:16pm: join!
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